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Members cite Hilltop as their favorite and most formative experience at Georgetown. Along with the unparalleled experience of working with some of the nation's leading nonprofits, members have access to exclusive training sessions, networking opportunities with prestigious firms, and social bonding events with the Hilltop family.

Fill out our intake form to become a General Member, where you will have access to MSB wide recruitment and training sessions.

Our Spring 2024 Consultant application is now closed. Please check back in August for information about Fall 2024 recruiting.

Recruitment Timeline


Information Session

January 16
7-8pm | MSB 145

DEI Strategy Information Session

January 17 

6:30pm | MSB 130



Coffee Chats
January 18-19 

Times Vary

CAB Fair

January 19 
pm | Red Square



Application Due
January 21 

11:59 PM

Case Workshop
January 25 

7-8pm | TBD



Interview Weekend
January 26-28 

7-8pm | MSB

  • I don’t want to pursue consulting long-term. Is Hilltop still a good fit for me?
    Definitely! Whether you’re interested in working with nonprofits or simply want to improve your research and problem solving skills, Hilltop can provide you with a wealth of experience. Plenty of Hilltop members pursue careers outside of consulting including investment banking, tech, nonprofit work, government, and a variety of other fields.
  • Is Hilltop only for students in the McDonough School of Business?
    Not at all. About 30% of Hilltop’s members are in the MSB and Hilltop has representation from all four undergraduate schools.
  • Do I need any prior consulting experience to be in Hilltop?
    Most certainly not! Truthfully, we expect candidates not to have any prior consulting experience and many of Hilltop’s members didn’t even know what consulting was when applying.
  • I've applied to Hilltop before. Can I apply again?
    Yes and we highly encourage you to do so. Several members of our organization were not accepted the first or even second time they applied to Hilltop.
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