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Many members cite Hilltop as one of their favorite and most formative experiences as an undergraduate at Georgetown University. Along with the unparalleled experience of working with some of the nation's leading nonprofits, members have access to exclusive training sessions and networking opportunities with prestigious firms like McKinsey, Bain, Deloitte, Accenture, and PwC. 
There are many opportunities to make an impact in Hilltop, from leading a project to reaching out to prospective clients to completing an independent internal project. Though our members have a diverse range of interests and professional inclinations, all of our members possess strong analytical and communication skills, demonstrate leadership throughout campus, and have a deep commitment to furthering social causes. 
We are not currently hiring at this time but keep an eye out for our Fall 2020 Application!


Team Players

Our teams are our strongest asset as an organization. We capitalize on the power of working together and look for new members who can both provide and listen to new perspectives.

Well-Rounded Perspectives

Both in and outside of projects, Hilltop is a second home at Georgetown for our members. Show us what you love outside of your professional and academic interests.

Dedication to our Mission

Hilltop Consultants was founded on the mission of providing remarkable strategies to nonprofits. We look for new members who are genuinely passionate about social impact.


We pride ourselves in our ability to think outside the box to provide nonprofits with unique solutions. We look for people who can innovate to create new perspectives for clients. 

Analytical Thinkers

The ability to logically structure and solve problems is key to our project work. Successful candidates can demonstrate their problem-solving skills and are eager to grow them. 


Hilltop expects new members to devote their time to the organization. We look for applicants who are willing to go above and beyond in both project work and in our community.


Hilltop members take the client service and strategy skills they develop with us to some of the world's most prestigious companies, universities, and nonprofit organizations. Many choose to go into consulting as a career because of their experience with Hilltop. Just some of the places Hilltoppers have gone include...
Hilltoppers are active members of the Georgetown community and can be found in all corners of campus life. Some of the organizations you can find Hilltop members in include...