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September 16, 2015

What distinguishes nonprofits in the public eye often comes down to what their main mission and vision statements are. Take Oxfam, for example— their vision statement, “a just world without poverty,” aptly describes the organization’s ideal world and resonates with the listener. Mission and vision statements are often seen as the base of any successful business’ marketing campaign, whether it is a non-profit or a for-profit organization....

August 17, 2015

This week's spotlight is on Hayley Cornwell (MSB '15, Marketing), who joined Hilltop her freshman fall and served as a Consultant, as a Project Manager, and on the Board as Director of Professional Outreach. This interview was conducted by Stephanie Denoyer. 


What company do you currently work for, and what field do you work in?


I work for Google in Small Business Sales, so I work with small businesses to help optimize thei...

May 2, 2015


When Leadership Initiatives came to Hilltop Consultants looking to streamline their organization and International Business Alliance Program, we were excited to tackle this problem of organizational inefficiencies that is all too common for young non-profits. From our previous projects and prior consulting experience, we understood that for any non-profit looking to expand and grow, nothing is more critical than first establishing a soli...

TEAM Fund, a D.C. non-profit Hilltop worked with this past seemster, wanted to develop a brand new model of business that helped all kinds of artists, including painters, designers, and musicians, turn a passion and talent into something bigger.  The project was to be a for-profit entity, but one driven with a social mission.  To do this, TEAM Fund turned to Hilltop Consultants for help in visualizing how this kind of fund might function....

When Hilltop Consultants decided to look into ways to raise funds for Operation Hunger, we were excited to look into crowdfunding as a way to build the foundational financial resources for this startup non-profit. From our prior consulting projects, we knew that crowdfunding could be an effective strategy for mid-sized non-profits that had already established a strong brand name and group of loyal supporters. However, we believed that wit...

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